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Whistler Creekside Welcome Sign

Whistler Creekside Nostalgia

Our Creekside is a place of dreams. When brave people wanted to start a ski hill here, they carved it out of Creekside, in the same manner that the Philips gave us the River of Golden Dreams and the Rainbow Lodge. Creekside shares its story with us and helps us love it a little more each visit. Our Creekside is one where brave courageous and slightly nutty men and women carved out a home and set out to share it with the world.

We love Creekside knowing that those who founded this little village wanted nothing more than to share what they had found with as many people as they could. Their success is our success.

What started out as a meek ski lift at the base of London Mountain, changed to Whistler Mountain after what those Alta Lake locals called the hill, became a world-class ski resort. And this, Creekside, is where it all began.

Whistler Creekside

The Whistler Creekside Vibe

Maybe it’s hard to explain to everyone, but for us, Creekside is the real thing. It’s everything that counts, and none of the fluff. Just pure original resort goodness, the way it was always meant to be. Exactly what we need, and the best of it, when and where we want it. That’s Creekside to us. We’re up the mountain in no time, door-to-gondola in two minutes. On warm summer days, we saunter over to Alpha Lake and lie by the water without a care in the world. Speaking of that, when we’re motivated, we’ll go a little further along Alta Lake, hire a canoe and float along down the River of Golden Dreams, sipping something cold and contemplating how lucky we are to know about this place. Creekside, we love your vibe.

Creekside at the True Centre

We love Creekside because it is at the true centre of everything we need when we want to relax.

  • A nice bottle of wine is across the laneway
  • First Tracks are literally always First Tracks for us. No waiting.
  • We can order in, eat in absolute luxury, or chill with take-out. All in Creekside.
  • A day of utter solitude and quiet is possible, as is a day of extreme adventure.
  • Nightlife is at the perfect balance: just enough so we can have fun, not too much that it attracts noise.

Whistler Creekside Winter Lifts

Creekside and Dave Murray 

We love Creekside for the skiers who carved out a place in history here. We love Creekside for people like Dave Murray, whose legacy lives on in a race and ski run named after him. We love Creekside for the pioneer spirits who kept on bidding for the Olympics for about 50 years until they succeeded. That Olympic spirit began in Creekside, and that spirit lives on here, in the solid authentic true skiing spirit that lives on here to this day. We love Creekside for the way we feel here. Like we belong, like there's a place for fun on the mountain. We love Creekside for the skiing, pure and simple.

The Creekside Success

When we're in Creekside, we are constantly reminded of the success story it is. The pioneers who carved a fishing lodge out of the wilderness across from us on Alta Lake and convinced people to make the journey here. The people who organized and created a community here. The people who joined together to fight for an Olympic bid, starting in the 1960s. The people who, to this day, work together to keep an authentic and pure vibe here through all the hype and noise.

Make First Tracks Lodge Creekside Your Basecamp

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