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Soul Food: Adventuring in Creekside

Adventuring in Creekside can take many different forms, all of them wild and fun in their own way. 

Nightlife Adventuring in Creekside

Let's start with the nightlife. That in itself is an authentic Whistler adventure, beginning and ending in original Whistler Creekside establishments. The party starts at Dusty's, the watering hole where it all began.

You bring your own party to Creekside. It’s no secret that Creekside is quiet. Heck, that’s why you came here most likely. It is the ideal spot to experience authentic Whistler hospitality and spirit, from being able to access Whistler Blackcomb from the original gondola location (and seconds from your door) to the gorgeous lake that started this whole resort thing, Alta Lake, where you can still see the original cabins from the Rainbow Lodge.

And you can party in the original pub, Dusty’s, which has maintained a solid presence in Whistler Creekside since it opened decades ago. It’s the kind of place you expect to find in a ski resort: it can be loud, the service friendly but sometimes slow, the food good pub food. Because it is Creekside, when you visit during non-peak times, it can be very quiet. But this is why we recommend reminding yourself why you love Creekside: it is a quiet alternative. You can bring your own party here.

Dusty’s is the ideal place to do that, with its rustic western atmosphere, created by actually using materials from the original pub which was renovated in 2000. Dusty’s is within easy walking distance to First Tracks, and by easy, we mean 2 minutes. You don’t have to worry about taxis or getting lost or parking. Just step outside and you’re nearly there. This, plus the delicious selection of caesars and solid selection of beer makes for an ideal atmosphere for your next night out here. Bands play here regularly, too, so if you are lucky enough to be here for a performance, take it in.

Your nightlife adventure culminates with a trip to the Southside Diner, a Creekside staple for decades that you won’t want to miss. It’s noisy, sometimes surly, always busy. The food is exactly what you need after a late night out with friends, so indulge yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the delicious coffee.  

Adventure on Foot — Hiking Creekside

Ready for a ten-kilometre hike with a 1500 foot elevation gain? Well then, basically start from your doorstep and go up.

There is a Creek to Peak trail that can be done either starting from Creekside and going up (what you hardy Creeksiders will be doing) or starting from the Peak and ending up in Creekside. (Which you could also do, really, if you were so inclined {get it? Inclined?})

From Peak to Creek is pretty straightforward. You would just begin in the Village, go up the gondola in the Village to the Peak, and follow trail signs to Creekside.

From there, you’d shower and then have a nice dinner. The reverse, going up from Creekside, is a bit of a climb. You’ll start from the base of Whistler Mountain at Creekside and follow trail signs to Whistler Peak.

You’ll have to arrive before 4:00 in the afternoon so that you can take the gondola into the Village. From there, you can take the bus back to Creekside.