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Eating Gourmet in Whistler Creekside

Gourmet Dining in Whistler Creekside

Whistler is known for its skiing, of course, and for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. But it is also home to some of the finest dining in British Columbia. In typical Whistler and west coast fashion, even most of the top dining experiences are surprisingly casual. The Barefoot Bistro comes to mind.

Creekside takes casual to a new level. But that does not mean that you have to suffer through poorly nuked food whose previous home was a cardboard box delivered “fresh” on the Sisco truck. Choices for gourmet and fine dining abound in Creekside, each one with their own flair.

We’ll sample three different experiences today to give you an idea of the range of options you have in Creekside.

Super Casual

Creekbread — You might be surprised by this one if you have never been to Creekside before. If you have, you’ll understand. Kids are welcome and the plentiful atmosphere is super casual and fun, and you will not have to be silently figuring out how you will close your next deal just to pay for this dining experience.

And at the same time, please tell us the last time you had pizza this good. Your answer will be “In Rome” We’re sure of it.

In fact, we’d be surprised if you answered, “Never” It is that good. Fresh, local, ethical ingredients are used on flatbread pizza fired in an authentic (and atmosphere setting) traditional primitive wood oven.

Consistent Excellence

Rim Rock Cafe — This restaurant has been a staple of Creekside for decades and is always a good experience. With two seatings per night, you can choose the early or late option. If you would like to linger over your meal, choose the second seating so that you do not annoy the guests who would like to eat after you.

This restaurant is known for fish and game, and it delivers. Lovely food cooked to perfection. 

Farm-to-Table Perfection

Aura — Speaking of perfection. Aura has a rooftop garden which feeds its restaurant, as well as many connections with local organic farmers. They also rely on wild crafted food as well. Simply perfect.