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Arts Whistler Live! Brings Live Entertainment to Whistler

Are you looking for something to do with the whole family in Whistler? Well, look no further because Arts Whistler Live is happening. This live performance series is packed full of great music, hilarious comedy, and engaging theatre. The 2017/2018 Arts Whistler Live season has already begun, but there’s still plenty of performances to come!

These family shows are designed to captivate youth audiences with fun and live educational productions. Arts Whistler Live has a line up of shows that are sure to enjoyable for both kids and parents. With all the family shows starting at 5 pm, it gives you up to an hour of entertainment, and you will still be able to make to home for bedtime.

With the colder weather, it’s always a good idea to get out of the house, away from the screens, and have some quality family fun watching live entertainment with your loved ones.

Here are a few upcoming family events part of Arts Whistler Live!:

The Canada Show: Monster Theatre Production

November 18th | The Arts Centre | 5 PM

Sit back and get taken on a hilarious journey through Canada's 20,000 years of history at The Canada Show. Monster Theatre’s biggest hit brings you along for the ride as you learn about Canada told from the point of three art historians. This fast-paced adventure will have you holding your belly laughing as you get a dose of history without the boring stuff. From ages 5 to 105 so bring your kids and your grandparents out for a night of history and hilarity. This would also be a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary this year.

Fred Penner

February 3rd | The Arts Centre | 5 PM

Are you ready for a little bit of nostalgia, parents? This is your chance to get your kids into the same songs you used to sing by, the iconic Canadian children’s performer, Fred Penner. Sing along to old childhood favourites with your kids like The Cat Came Back, Sandwiches, The Witch Doctor, and more. There’s never been a better time to introduce your family to the educational and entertaining music of Fred Penner.

Th’owxiya The Hungry Feast Dish: An Axis Theatre

February 18th | The Arts Centre | 5 PM

This bold First Nations tale gives you the vital message of taking care of our earth. Follow along as six storytellers spin their tale of Th’owxiya, the Hungry Feast Dish, whose mouth holds delightful foods from around the world. But watch out because she’s developed a taste for children and if you steal from her you could pay a terrible price!

Arts Whistler Live isn’t just family events! Many adult events are happening during the Arts Whistler Live season, including concerts, live music, and comedy. You can check out the full lineup at Arts Whistler.