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Whistler Village Kid Fire Warm Jacket Family

The days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and you can see your breath in the cold air at night. It’s time to break out the warm clothing and get ready for a long winter ahead (and may the snow fly)! Here are some good ways to keep warm this fall and winter:

Break Out the Merino Wool

Cashmere is out, merino wool is in. There is no question that merino keeps you warmer for an active Whistler lifestyle. Another advantage of merino is that it is a natural (and compostable!) material, which means that unlike synthetics, it will not stink after a long day on the slopes. Several layers can be worn at once and merino wool, unlike cashmere, is not bulky. The pros use it under their Gore-Tex. Give it a try and you may never say “cashmere-me” again. Merino, however, is quite bit more delicate than synthetic fleece, so don’t yank your merino long underwear on – or you’ll quickly tear it.  Numerous shops in the Village stock merino including Escape Route, Excess Backcountry and CAN-SKI. Merino underwear and socks are a must.

Sip a Warming Cocktail

Head into the Mallard Lounge for a toe-warming cocktail. The Mallard is the go-to place for a cozy pick me up, and a great atmosphere to boot. After a chilly day outdoors, head up to this iconic spot to unwind, relax and warm up in style. Try the Milk and Honey, made with Frangelico and Absolut Vanilla. Just the thing for cold fingers!

Warm Up at the Scandinave

Nothing takes the chill off like the Finnish sauna at Scandinave. (The eucalyptus steam room doesn’t hurt either). While the summer now seems like ancient history, it’s time to enjoy the warming comforts of the Scandinave.

Whistler Village Dress Warm

Hit the Cafés on a Frosty Afternoon

Enjoy coffee or hot chocolate on a chilly day.

Purebread, Blenz and Moguls in the Village will have you toasty-warm in no time with a coffee or freshly baked treat. In Creekside try the Fix Café in the Nita Lake Lodge.

Invest in Cozy Outerwear

Make sure you have got your back covered. If it’s time to update your outerwear, the latest jackets can be found throughout the village. Stay warm and make a fashion statement at the same time!

And to Stay Warm on the Slopes…

Consider custom heated insoles for the ski season. It’s just going to get colder. What are you going to do about that at the top of Symphony Chair, when a Bailey’s and Coffee may as well be located on the moon? Invest in some heated ski boot insoles prior to the start of ski season. It takes a bit of planning ahead (and is, to some, a luxury that can be put off. But the purchase of heated insoles can be justified as helping you ski more runs this winter. Why? You can keep skiing instead of heading into the Roundhouse to warm up. Your toes will thank you come January!

Photo Credit: Mike Crane