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Whistler Cornucopia: Explore, Indulge, & Experience

It’s been another beautiful fall with crisp blue skies and colourful autumn trees creating a stunning backdrop for any Whistler activity. While the weather starts to cool and we wait for winter to come, it’s time to indulge in the best food and drinks in British Columbia at Cornucopia.

Whistler Cornucopia Events

Returning this November 8th - 18th, 2018, Cornucopia is back for its 11-day festival chalked full of delicious food and drink events. Celebrate indulgence and treat your taste buds to a real adventure at any of the wonderful tastings, dinners, galas, or drink seminars happening throughout the festival.

There are multiple types of events at Cornucopia including signature tastings, drink seminars, a culinary stage series, parties, and more. We’ve broken down a few of the event categories below to help you choose the best events for you!

Signature Tastings

Signature tastings are the most popular type of event during Cornucopia. There are eight different signature tastings during the festival, each held in the gorgeous Whistler Conference Centre. Every evening has a different highlight, from wine, spirits, beer, the best of BC, exotic flavours, and more. Mix and mingle with fellow patrons while live DJs and music create the perfect atmosphere for an evening out with all your friends.

Signature Tasting Events:

Cornucopia Drink Seminars

Eat, Drink, and Learn

Cornucopia isn’t just all about indulgence. Many events also give you the chance to learn more about the fine details of food and drinks. The festival has several categories of events that are meant to for you to learn, discuss, and interact with the food and drink industry professionals. Many of these events are tailored for a smaller audience with plenty of opportunities to expand and develop your palette and culinary knowledge.

Highly Anticipated Drink Seminars:

Whistler Cornucopia Food

Culinary Stage Series:

Nourish Events:

These are just a few of the types of events happening during Whistler Cornucopia. There are plenty of parties, dinners, and luncheons you can learn more about by exploring the rest of the Whistler Cornucopia schedule!