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Hikes In And Around Whistler Village

Whistler Village Hikes

Quality family time on one of Whistler’s many trails. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

Hiking in Whistler is one of our most popular summer activities. There are multi-day epics that take you far out into the backcountry and trails that take you to remote, isolated lakes. But you don’t need to venture too far from Whistler village to really experience the great Canadian outdoors. Here we take a look at three hikes you can do from Whistler village. So grab your boots and water and get yourself out there!

Hiking Lost Lake Trails

lost lake hiking trail

Views from the trails at Lost Lake. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

Where are the Lost Lake Trails?

The Lost Lake Trails have been central to life in Whistler. During winter you’ll find skiers zipping around on the XC trails and summer brings the hikers, bikers, and swimmers. Access to the trails is found near the day lots on Lorimer Road or alternatively from Lost Lake Road in the Upper Village. The trails are only a short walk from Whistler Village and Upper Village. Alternatively, you can park in the day lots and access the Lost Lake Trails from there.

Whistler Family Hikes

The trails are suitable for all ages! Photo Credit - Mike Crane

What are the Lost Lake Trails like?

There are 55 trails in the Lost Lake trail network that spans over 34km. The trails are multi-use so you can expect to see bikers and hikers sharing the trails. The trails are short, so it’s best to plan to join a number of them together on your route.

The green trails are wide, crushed gravel paths that snake their way through the forest and around Lost Lake. These trails are perfect for someone who is a beginner. There are also lots of blue trails here. These are natural, single-track trails where you’ll find rocks and roots on the trails. These trails are more rugged than the green ones and have a greater elevation change, but still suitable for beginners, due to their short nature.

Lost Lake Hike Whistler

Hiking through the trees at Lost Lake. Photo Credit - Justa Jeskova

What is there to see at Lost Lake?

The Lost Lake trails loop around Lost Lake and takes you through some old-growth BC forest. Lost Lake is a brilliant place to hang out after your hike. Lost Lake Park has a large grassy area and small sandy beach to relax on. There’s also a floating pontoon and dock where you can jump into the water to cool off. You’ll also be treated to some fantastic views of Blackcomb Mountain in the distance, towering over the forest below.

Hiking on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

whistler blackcomb mountain hiking trails

A high alpine hike on a warm summers day. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

What are the hiking trails like at Whistler Blackcomb?

During the summer when the snow melts a number of hiking trails are revealed on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. These trails range from short walks with little elevation change, to longer more challenging hikes that last for a number of hours. While you’re up high in the mountains, you’ll have fantastic views across the Coast Mountain Range and the Whistler valley.

Whistler Mountain Hike

The views up here are nearly endless. Photo Credit - Mike Crane

How to get to the hiking trails?

You can access hiking trails on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains from Whistler Village and Creekside. Tickets can be bought from ticket sales booths in either location or online. There are a number of on-mountain dining options available throughout the summer.

Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola

The Peak2Peak truly is a unique experience. Photo Credit - Mitch Winton

What is the Peak 2 Peak gondola?

One of the main highlights of hiking here is taking a ride on the Peak 2 Peak gondola. This engineering wonder transports users between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in a matter of minutes. This makes hiking trails on both mountains easily achievable on the same day!

Walking The Valley Trail

Whistlers Valley Trail Walk

It’s no wonder why people love The Valley Trail so much! Photo Credit - Feet Banks

What is The Valley Trail?

The Valley Trail is a paved, pedestrian path system that links together all of Whistler’s neighborhoods and lots of our attractions. It’s a great alternative if you want to experience the outdoors, but don’t want to head out on the hiking trails.

The 40km network spans from Cheakamus Crossing in the south right through to Emerald Estates in the north. The Valley Trail is car-free and multi-use. You’ll see people walking, skating, biking, rollerblading and just about any person-powered mode of transport you can think of!

Whistler Valley Trail

The Valley Trail lets the whole family connect with nature. Photo Credit - Justa Jeskova

What is there to do on The Valley Trail?

The Valley Trail links together so many sights it’s hard to list them all! The Valley Trail is easily accessed from Creekside and makes all the local sights easier than ever to get to. Alpha Lake Park is a real treat! The Valley Trail brings you to this stunning park on the edge of Alpha Lake. There’s a playground for the kids, volleyball courts, a dock, and a large grassy park to relax on. It’s only a short stroll from Creekside!

The Valley Trail also loops around Whistler Golf Course. This route is a peaceful, quiet walk with glimpses of the golf course throughout. It’s also a brilliant place for an early morning walk to try and get a glimpse of some wildlife!